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How does a sewer system work?

For further understanding on what’s going on under your home to also better understand our testing and restoration process, let’s jump into how a Successful Sewer System Runs. 

When you think of your sewer system, the best way to visualize it is as a tree. You start with the tree’s trunk. This is the main line that stretches from the city’s sewer, either in the street or alley, to the furthest drain in your home. Next would be the branches. Each room with a drain located inside of it has a branch line that ties them into the main trunk line that stretches across the entire house. Finally they need to breathe which are the pipes that shoot up your walls piercing through the roof. 

Which is where the tunnel comes into play. This entire system is underground, and a tunnel is how we will access it.

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Process of a Tunnel Job

  1. Our Drain Experts will try to resolve the affected drain with either a drain cleaning or hydro jetting 

  2. Upon completion of drain cleaning, will camera your home’s sewer system. 

  3. When the test results are diagnosed, we will locate the problem and begin the tunneling excavation 

  4. Tunnels start with an access hole over your main line in your home

  5. The tunnel will follow the main line and all branch lines within your sewer system 

  6. We will remove and replace all affected piping below the foundation. 

  7. We will place hangers every 3-6 feet to support your new plumbing system.

  8. Finally we will backfill and compact all dirt returning your home to its previous state

Why Should You Choose Tunneling?

Tunneling is the least invasive fix to a drain system because there is no flooring to redo.

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