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Foundation Spot Repair

Spot Repairs in the Greater Austin, Texas & Surrounding Cities

What is a ‘Spot Repair’?
When a drain can no longer be cleaned it must be replaced. At Texas Drain Specialist we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best options for their specific situation. We do this to be able to help as many home owners as possible make a decision that they will love. Instead of digging under your home and replacing your entire sewer line, in some cases just fixing the part that is broken is a better alternative. We restore the effortless flow your life now demands.

A Spot Repair is exactly what it sounds like. We repair the spot that has tampered with the success of your sewer system. 


  1. First we will locate the problem 

  2. Next we will access the problem through the foundation of your home. (normally a 2ft x 2ft hole at minimum) 

  3. We will replumb the issue and cover the spot repair ultimately restoring the flow to your home 

    In some cases, a spot repair is the best alternative. Ask our drain experts today if your problems best solution can be resolved by a spot repair. 


How does a sewer system work?

To better understand our testing process, let’s jump into how a successful sewer system runs. 

When you think of your sewer system, the best way to visualize it is as a tree. You start with the tree’s trunk. This is the main line that stretches from the city’s sewer, either in the street or alley, to the furthest drain in your home. Next would be the branches. Each room with a drain located inside of it has a branch line that ties them into the main trunk line that stretches across the entire house. Finally they need to breathe which are the pipes that shoot up your walls piercing through the roof, these are referred to as vent stacks.


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