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Static Testing

Static Testing Experts in the Austin, Texas & Surrounding Areas

Not only do we, at Texas Drain Specialist, understand the complexity of drain restoration but we also mastered how to diagnose them. A home without flow can cause more stress than you’d never want as a homeowner. Why would you allow something as simple as a tub or sink to alter the outcome of your day. We sure don’t, and we don’t let our customers be bothered by it either. We can ensure that through Static Testing.


How does a sewer system work?

To better understand our testing process, let’s jump into how a successful sewer system runs. 

When you think of your sewer system, the best way to visualize it is as a tree. You start with the tree’s trunk. This is the main line that stretches from the city’s sewer, either in the street or alley, to the furthest drain in your home. Next would be the branches. Each room with a drain located inside of it has a branch line that ties them into the main trunk line that stretches across the entire house. Finally they need to breathe which are the pipes that shoot up your walls piercing through the roof, these are referred to as vent stacks.


What is Static Testing?

Hydrostatic testing - sewer line leak test

A rubber test ball is placed in the sewer line at the outside cleanout toward the city sewer or septic. The test ball is then filled with air that stops water from traveling past the cleanout down the sewer line. Water is run to fill the sewer line to the slab level of the foundation. When it reaches slab level, the water is turned off and the water level monitored. If there are no leaks, the water level will remain at the slab level. If it drops at all, this means there is a leak and the test failed.

Pressure testing - water supply leak test

A pressure gauge is placed on a hose bibb (spigot) and the water turned on. The pressure gauge will then read the water pressure that is supplied to the building. The water is then turned off at the shutoff by the street or well. The pressure gauge should read the same water pressure as when the water was on. If the pressure drops, there is an issue that requires a bit of free diagnostic to determine whether it is above slab level or not (check angle stops or fixtures that could be dripping).


Why should you test your home?

Leaks that are not visible by camera can cause severe damage to your home over time. Static testing ensures that the home does not have any leaks.

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