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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning In The Greater Austin & Surrounding Areas

Having your drains cleaned out should happen annually to avoid any blockages or any severe expenses incurred from damages further down the road. Texas Drain Specialist can help you clear out clogged drains and prevent further blockages for years to come. You should consider our local Austin drain cleaning experts to restore your flow.


What is Drain Cleaning?

Over time soap scum, food, grease, and other products can seriously clog your pipes. Even the innocent act of washing your dishes could be the leading cause to a clog – it is inevitable, you do not have to be careless for this to happen. The chemicals can form together building a mass that is hard to get rid of. Which is why we stress the importance of knowing the signs to watch out for and the proper professional actions to take when presented with a clogged drain.

What NOT To Do To Keep Your Drains Healthy

​If you would rather avoid having to clean your drains once every few months, then you need to be sure to aim at keeping them healthy. You can do this by avoiding some of the most common mistakes Austin Homeowners make listed below:

  • Pouring paint down your pipes

  • Flushing more than JUST toilet paper down the toilet

  • Letting grease go down the kitchen sink
    (or any sink)

  • Flushing wipes down the toilet (even ones labelled flushable)

  • Allowing small toys or smaller objects to go down into the pipes

  • Using non organic acid based chemicals down your drains such as liquid plumber

Call 844.TX.DRAIN today to schedule service! We are proud to service homes & businesses in the Austin & Central Texas area.


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